The Beginning

I’ve never been one for resolutions, mostly because it seemed silly to wait until January 1st to start working on a goal. I’m more of a now-or-never type, where things either get done immediately or put off until the eventual heat death of the universe. This has worked pretty well for the first 32 years of my life, but it has its drawbacks too. This year, I wanted to see how it worked for the others- what is it like to set a goal on January 1st and then actually complete it?

In order to do that, I need a goal. Back in 2012, I made a resolution to pay off my undergraduate student loans in one year. I had about $12,000 going into it, and actually did succeed in paying them all off. My current graduate schools loans are over $85,000, so that’s not going to be this year’s goal. Or next year’s, or the next, or ever really. (Paying off the grad loans is one of those things waiting for the heat death of the universe.) I blogged during that year and enjoyed it, but I don’t want to recreate that experience here.

Instead, setting one goal for the entire year seems both too big and too small. I’m very good at planning and I always have at least three backup options at any given moment. This is courtesy of my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and it’s probably the only thing I like about having it. If something falls through, I don’t need to worry because I’ve already spent approximately 3,000 hours planning out the alternatives. That’s a skill that I can put to use here.

I’ve come up with a list of twelve things (thus the blog name) that I want to accomplish in 2019. Some of these are tangible, some are financial, some are emotional, and some are just for fun. None of them have a set end date. This isn’t a “one goal a month” type thing. Instead, these are things that may get done quickly or not at all by December 31st. But regardless of what happens, it should be an interesting year.

Before I get to the resolution list, some housekeeping notes. There are three menus to the right of this post. One is for tracking the newest updates on each of the resolutions if you want a quick catch-up. The second is for following this blog if you want email notifications of new posts. The third is a link to my Ko-Fi page. If you enjoy reading this blog, please consider donating through that link. It’s just $3 each time and it helps me keep the resident rabbits fed and a roof over our heads. If you decide to donate, please feel free to mark which resolution you’d like your donation to go towards. I’ve marked the ones eligible for donations below with ($).

The Resolution List:

  1. Finish editing a book. I’ve been working on a novel for nearly five years now. My first goal this year is to finish editing it so that I can see if anyone wants to publish it.
  2. Publish something more than a blog post. I had a short story published a few years ago, but then stopped writing and submitting for a while. My second goal this year is to find an outlet for something that I’ve written, besides this blog.
  3. Finish the library shelves. In my house, I have a library. It’s a room off the living room and it’s probably my favorite room outside of my bedroom. (I really like to sleep.) It also doubles as a sewing and writing room and is in desperate need of additional shelf space. My third goal this year is to build those.
  4. Cut trails through the woods ($). My house sits on about 5 acres of land, most of which is heavily wooded. There is one trail that winds through it, but I’ve been dreaming of having another one that runs around the perimeter. My fourth goal this year is to prioritize the outdoor work and make this happen. This is a goal that you can donate towards directly.
  5. Reduce student loan balance by $3,000 ($). My minimum monthly payment on my student loans isn’t enough to cover the monthly interest. This means that while I pay each month, my balance is actually still rising. My fifth goal this year is to reduce the overall balance by $3,000. This means bringing it down to a total of $83,850.19. This is definitely a goal that you can donate towards directly.
  6. Read 24 books. Two shelves in the library are just books that I’ve purchased but haven’t read yet. My sixth goal this year is to read 24 of them.
  7. Hold onto kindness longer. I work in customer service and education in all three of my jobs. This means encountering a lot of wonderful people and a few not-so-wonderful people. I try to be patient and kind to everyone, but some people are wonderful at finding the right words to get a reaction. My seventh goal this year is to hold onto kindness for at least one more sentence each time someone is being not-so-wonderful to me.
  8. Visit somewhere new. One of my jobs allows me to travel to quite a few places. My eighth goal this year is to visit somewhere that I’ve never been before, even if it’s a new place within an old place.
  9. Visit somewhere old. There’s comfort in returning to a place that you know well. My ninth goal this year is to visit somewhere that I’ve been before, to relive memories or see how it’s changed.
  10. Sew a costume. I enjoy sewing but time management for projects is not one of my strong suits. My tenth goal this year is to turn one costume idea into a reality and to accomplish it before the event actually occurs.
  11. Sew 300 stuffed animals ($). All three of my pet rabbits came from the Georgia House Rabbit Society. The GHRS does amazing work for abandoned and discarded domestic rabbits, as well as helping to find new caring homes for all their residents. I make stuffed rabbits so that the bunnies have something soft to cuddle while they wait for their forever homes. My eleventh goal this year is to make 300 of them. This is a goal that you can donate towards directly.
  12. Tell people the truth. I have PTSD as well as OCD, but I don’t talk about either one very often. When one or the other is flaring, I don’t explain what’s happening to others. Instead, I isolate myself and wait for it to pass. I tell people when my back is hurting or when my vertigo disorder is acting up, but for some reason saying that my brain chemicals are out of whack is a lot harder. This does me no good and it damages the friendships that I worked hard to built. My twelfth goal this year is to stop being silent about my mental health.